So we are going to “Walk Together” again!

You there and me here; with or without an umbrella; with or without a doggie. With a relatable train of thoughts that we can employ as a good conversation.

Okay, here we go….!

  • Keep an eye on this website for the schedule
  • Where: forest, beach, floodplain….. wherever you feel comfortable.
  • With your dog or someone you can exchange thoughts with.
  • Or on your own; undisturbed with your thoughts, your plans, your conversation with yourself.

And furthermore?

  • Know that there are more people walking with you, anywhere in the world – timezone after timezone.
  • Enjoy their company from a distance and fill your thoughts with the topics you want to multiply in your life.
  • For those who feel connected to the 5 Special Minutes, we ask for 5 minutes of silence – 5 minutes for the whole hour!
    Click on this link for information about the 5 Special Minutes in several languages.

Will you be walking with us?

Walking Together

Samen Wandelen

Time: 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. – time zone after time zone.

Where: your choice, woods, beach, park etc,

At 2:55 pm we ask you to attend the for 5 Special Minutes.- wherever you are walking.

  • Does it appeal to you – then join in.
  • Does it not appeal to you – respect others’ desire for silence when they join.
  • Treat all participants with respect!

Are you open to company?

Then give your hiking location via the special Telegram Chanel so people can join even at the last minute!

I myself walk in the woods around De Haere Olst – the gathering place is the large parking lot – accessible through the back entrance of the estate.

Are you an Expat in The Netherlands?

Please join! You are so welcome.

Enjoy your walk!


oproep via nieuwsbrief

In 2008, I sent out the announcement of a newsletter from which “Walking Together” was born.

At the time, the newsletter itself was still sent as an attachment.

The accompanying text was as follows:

May I disturb you for a moment?

How is your week so far?

Is everything going according to plan?

Have you seen that sunshine outside?

Feel like playing hooky together for half an hour?

You there and me here?

A good conversation from a distance? For sure we’ll be in complete agreement!

In case you don’t have the opportunity for this universal “joke,” you may have a moment to read the newsletter…..


When I wrote it, I doubted my readers would understand me; at the end of the day, you are holding a monologue at a distance – via a newsletter – that you want to turn into a dialogue.

Mindset related, when in doubt it is “no,” but I was stubborn, because it felt so good, as if the sunshine was almost challenging me whether I dared to do that.

And I dared!

Completely unexpected came the response….

“When are we going to do that?” asked a voice from the phone.

“Do what?” I asked perplexed while scanning my memory for what could be meant.

“That playing hooky together, you there and me here having a universal remote conversation.”

Walking Together

And there you sit with your good intentions and rarely shy about a word….. with a mouth full of words.

“And if it rains we’ll just go under the umbrella together, you there and me here…..”

So my interlocutor really understood!

After that first time walking together, I received an email with this simple text;

You’ll Never Walk Alone! (And I still have that email!)

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