Starting a new adventure

Although we can’t shake hands, I still want to welcome you personally

Because you are special!

Like every person, you have a mix of qualities that together forms your unique personality.

Everything in you (just like me and the rest of the world) reacts to the influence of time.

It is so much more than the endless jump of the second’s hand; it’s also the interaction with the elements WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL, and WATER – in YIN and YANG.

This – of course – also appears on the personal calculation that you’ll hear me talk about.

From Feng Shui, you can divide time into 20-year periods, years, months, days, hours, and minutes in a specific Feng Shui way.

Do you think it’s hard?

On the MEDIA page, the instructional videos are waiting for you and on the DAY MAIL page, I explain how you can deal with the daily mail.

Gradually you will develop your routine.

The authentic Feng Shui challenges you to do the right thing at the right time.

Yes, I know how that goes.

I started from scratch and found a few bubs on my road before I understood what this is all about and I could develop this program for you.

And I was amazed by all the possibilities with Feng Shui TIMING! I wish I had known that years ago.

All those tricks….. a world will open up for you!

The more Feng Shui perspectives you connect to this, the more masterful your applications become.

With this, you can get to know yourself step by step (on a Feng Shui level), feel your possibilities and take your chances!

You don’t want to miss that!

If you are a little bit like me;

…you will like to check your conclusions, want to know what’s next and how to do it.

…you’ll want to be able to ask questions and discuss the possibilities.

…you will want to do it at your own pace and still be part of the whole.

Besides the webinars, we’ll start with 14 extra e-mails

  • Just to get an easy, calm start. Take your time to adjust to the program!
  • To understand the words I m using and the expressions of my personality.
  • And to prevent taking the wrong path in thinking – which would be so recognizable.

It is authentic Feng Shui!

So, for some settings, the reason appears when you understand the basics of the Feng Shui TIMING logic.

Those extra e-mails come with one at a day. You can save them for moments when they come in handy.

And that moment will come.

Have fun!