Your Xmas in harmony with Feng Shui

Every year people look forward to Christmas as a time of balance and harmony.

During the holiday season, of course, anything can go wrong.

Just to get straight to the point;

It may unpleasantly surprise you.

The guests can disagree on the most insignificant things.

A friend started the latest diet just the day before Christmas and leave you with an anti-ingredient list that will challenge you. Right or not!

You want harmony – no bickering

And it can seem like you’re the only one who has that wish on the highest list.

It destroys your optimism.

It makes you hate Christmas.

And you’ll say; next year kale and sausage on the couch and the guests can go elsewhere.

Does that sound familiar to you?

It is every hostess’ nightmare and it can happen without warning!

Does the situation sketch seem a bit exaggerated to you?


three candles

This situation was presented to me a few years ago.

It was a telephone call for help from a client.

Since I knew the house and the hostess – that makes a difference – and suggested sending the guests for a walk.

In the meantime, we briefly went through the wind directions and soon the solution became clear to me.

When the guests returned, the hostess had taken my advice and transformed the dinner table into a tasteful red decorated table with all the red decorations she could steal from the back of the Christmas tree and whatever else came to her in red.

“Isn’t it going to be a red rag to a bull?” she asked.

“No, the wind direction demands it!” I reassured her. “We have to balance it with the data from this December.”

After Christmas, in addition to the success story, came the compliments from her husband.

Before every party, he tells his wife to get some Feng Shui advice first.

“Because”,…. he then tells anyone who wants to hear it, “…we had a Christmas dinner once….”

In the end, it’s all about harmony and balance!

But…. it’s different every year! So you always have a new setting, a new design, new ideas, bargains, and saved attributes!


In addition to this example, other challenges may, of course, also arise.

Challenges resulting from the lack of balance between the wind direction and the required elements.

Annoying children, sick parents-in-law, wine that goes wrong, lethargy and everything else that dims the festivities.

That’s difficult.

Well, not anymore!

Now there is DIY Feng Shui Xmas!

A DIY (Do It Yourself) method to have Feng Shui bring balance and harmony through your Christmas decorations.

A different approach – perhaps a bit strange if you’re new to Feng Shui – but simple, ready-made advice presented in an online flipbook.

And not just for Christmas, no, for the entire Christmas period!

From December the 7th to the departure of the three kings!

You may even start the day before Christmas!

But… the best before the date expires on January 6, midnight.

And next year? Then there will be other Feng Shui adjustments and a new edition will be composed.


Mary-Rose K;

For me, this period as a Feng Shui master and stylist is a party!

Each client has their own wishes, preferences, and interior style. That makes every assignment special.

Years ago, to satisfy my memo readers, I wrote a Christmas blog,

It started with 600 words and over the years it grew (through the questions I was asked) to an article of over 6000 words.

It became, even for me, to keep track of it and the Christmas blog became a Flipbook!

Christmas is magical…

but creating a harmonious design can be a challenge!

In Feng Shui, everything has to be correct and since the information changes every year, the Christmas tree, the dinner table, the front door, and the hall are also decorated differently every year.

In the flipbook everything is already calculated.

All you have to do is apply it and make it into a party that can last for a month.

The information is provided in such a way that you can add your own taste and style to it.

So it becomes a “welcome home” every time you open the front door.



Easypeasy! Fun & handy flipbook! Recommended for anyone who is curious. Accessible introduction and can be immediately implemented in practice! And immediate result!


What a surprise: such a nice and complete Christmas package à la Feng Shui for such a small amount! The flipbook is beautifully finished and brings good ideas for Christmas decorations into your home step-by-step.


Handy and understandable flipbook ! Quite fun to do as well. Its’s different… gives a lot of possibilities for a “new and different “ Xmas decorations, in a Zen kind of thing….I mean Xmas preparations are stressfull enough…knowing that my dinnertable and house is in harmony takes that worry of my shoulder….I know that I will create this Xmas happy memories……