Wealth Vase workshop – online


wealth vase

The ultimate combo of Feng Shui and mindset is to make a Wealth Vase.

Annually, preferably during the New Year period, a new Wealth Vase is made. This involves swapping the old Chi with the new and replacing the old filling with the current one.

No Wealth Vase is ever the same!

So many people, so many different wishes. It should be the ultimate personalization. Exactly as human beings are unique in personality.

Each subsequent Wealth Vase gets better, more specific, and increasingly tailored to personal interactions with life.

It is a precise piece of work!

Just quickly throw in the pot and done? Forget it!
It requires attention, precision, and thoughtfulness. As adults, we get into the “yes, but….” mindset faster than children.

We want the pure and deeply stored desires.

Besides having a specific way of filling it, it is essential to add items, thoughts, and input from the personality to the Wealth Vase.

Mary-Rose K does not work with standard packages or specific (expensive) vases, but with that which suits the participant and that person can make it as expensive as desired. An expensive vase is not part of the success, the process of filling and the contents are.

Every person can be who they truly are!

With their own style, hobbies, profession, lifestyle, preferences, thoughts, and their own interpretation of the Wealth Vase!

With that, we set respect as part of the workshop!

Tickets are not yet available – give us a little bit more time.

Mary-Rose K tijdens Q & A

We will divide the workshop into two days with 14 days in between.

The first webinar will explain the HOW, WHAT, and WHY and the content of the assignments for the second workshop, because that is when the vase will be filled.

Attached is an example of a vase, but you can choose a different look. What the vase has to comply with will be explained to you during the first workshop.

We keep it organized!

In order to give everyone personal attention, a maximum number of participants is allowed. After all, we are going for the ultimate!


The next online workshop(s);

Part 1 – Saturday, January 21, 2023

Part 2 – Saturday, February 4, 2023

Via LiveWebinar; you can log in right away with the access link (without downloading the program) via computer, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone.


Via the KnowVision webshop

Includes; consultation with Mary-Rose K – Excludes; vase and accessories



Every year the wealth vase is a different experience. You are always in a different place of life which makes you have different desires and goals. This year was clear how different it was for me. Fantastic to notice the difference and my own personal development. It was good to confront my unconscious again. 
(Submitted comment with publication permission and translated from Dutch)


A very successful workshop, at exactly the right time for me.
Through these 2 days it has become much clearer, where I want to go with my life.
Now that the Wealth Vase is ready, may the new (Chinese) year come!
(Source: KnowVision webshop and translated from Dutch)


Did the wealth vase online for the first time today. Such a nice feeling that you get all your wishes and goals very clear through the exercises and especially in this corona era. Now I have to take action and see what comes my way. Here’s to an exciting and successful year!
(Source: KnowVion webshop and translated from Dutch))