Preparing for the Chinese New Year


Preparation requires directions

Preparation is essential when it comes to the new Chinese year—something we Westerners find odd in principle.

For some, that is precisely what constitutes the attraction, while others very quickly drop out because of the irritating questions that keep coming up with every article in the newspaper, on social media, or birthday party.

Until it’s been enough, googled and landed on this page.

January 14, 2023

you can participate in the Chinese New Year workshop online.

Many angles will pass by including exposure to the ultimate premise of Feng Shui.

The workshop has a first come, first serve policy

Help for the Chinese New Year

Help is handy because the Chinese New Year is mystical to Westerners.

Over the years I have written quite a few articles about it, and given lectures and workshops.

To make it easy for you, I have put it in a number of E-books that you can download for free.


Feng Shui + Mindset = Golden Duo

As a Mindset Trainer, I quickly discovered the essence of this….!

Both the E-books and the Chinese New Year workshop explain the connection between Feng Shui and Mindset.

The free E-books;

Have you already purchased a ticket for the Chinese New Year workshop?

Then you don’t need to request the E-books; they are (soon) waiting for you on your workshop page!

Cleaning Daisy


Prior assistance from Cleaning Daisy…. !

Prior to Chinese New Year, it’s a busy time in a Feng Shui household and business!

To remove old Chi from the old year and to give the new Chi a clean spot, the old-fashioned spring cleaning is in order.

Pretty handy after the December month; that way everything is prepared for the next (Chinese) year.

Interested in a little help? 

Request the E-book “Playing with the Chi” and we’ll make sure you can download it very soon.

The year of the ……


A special guest for a year?

Each Chinese Year is associated with one of the five types of a particular animal from the Chinese Zodiac.

The popular approach to the year of ???? deviates quite a bit from what authentic Feng Shui indicates with it. As a result, something very beautiful is lost – that which is going to be the trend for as many as 12 years.

Help with tricks? Request the E-book “The year of the….!” and we’ll get it to you for download very soon.

15 days of celebration with the Chinese New Year – with a wonderful ending!

Lantern Festival


The entire Chinese New Year

Unlike Western New Year, Chinese New Year is more than a few hours of dwelling on something, fireworks and best wishes. Much More!

Chinese New Year spans 15 days! In it, customs, rituals and celebrations are held, with the first day, the Yan Yat and the last day being my favorites.

Little help is handy? Request the E-book “Lantern Party” and we will make sure you can download it very quickly.

NOTE: 2023 Valentine’s Days are a week and a half apart!

So February 5 and 14, 2023!

But this doesn’t make it complete!

Oh no….!

Traditionally, a Wealth Vase is also made during the New Year!

It does not have to be so expensive – there are tricks that do not detract from the quality.

Feel free to put aside the good intentions that are usually written at the start of the Western year!

The Wealth Vase goes much deeper!

  • Tailored to your personality!
  • Your unique wishes!
  • Matching your circumstances, job, and career!
  • And only you determine the contents!

Need knowledge of Feng Shui? Well no!