Halloween in August; Feng Shui Ghost Month


When it comes to Feng Shui, we are dealing with a lot of opinions.

The authentic, the classical Feng Shui is – what I call – another branch of mathematics.
Black Hat Feng Shui and hobbyist logic then soon compete with all the chapters in the authentic art.

And then… there’s Halloween in August; the Ghost Month!

More opinions, beliefs and rules. But is all that really necessary?

In the E-book I explain it all to you; the background, the saga, the rules and how I deal with them myself.

The Chinese month differs from the western counting.

The Western starts on the first, the Chinese somewhere between the 4th and 8th.

The time zones can vary, but the guideline is fixed.

The August month (the 7th Chinese month) therefore starts on August 8.

But what this is all about, starts on a different date in August.

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Just enjoy what is unknown, from another time and another culture.

Without hundreds of pages, but with information.

Without obligations, but the freedom to participate in what feels good in the last fortnight of the Chinese month.