Frequently Asked Questions

In our opinion, it makes no sense to make up questions to fill a page.

Therefore, you will find here only what is really asked more often.

And then we regularly get back in response, “Oh yeah, pretty simple.”

I bought a membership. How do I get to that page(s)?

Login in the home page header
Below the header via member login

To do this, you will need the login information you created when you bought your ticket.

Did you do that on your cell phone? Then it may have saved your login information.

Is this the case? Then you can use the arrow (first picture) directly to your membership.

Did you have to log in first?

Then you will be taken to the member page;

There you can complete/modify your data etc.

Scroll further down and you will find the English memberships.

Click on the membership you have ordered and you will have access.

I am already a member and want to add a product.

Choose your product.

Or go to your member page -that’s where all memberships are ready for you.
Choose your product there and you will be taken to a member info page.

Click through to the registration form page……

Scroll all the way down – see example.

At the bottom of the registration form – under register – you will see LOGIN is written.

Click on that, log in, pay, and done.

From your member page and the dropdown menu on the home page, you can go directly to your memberships again and again.