About Mary-Rose K

Shorter name for Mary-Rose Kolkman

The name Mary-Rose K

For a long time (27 years), Mary-Rose also used her legal surname (Kolkman) in the marketing for her business until she decided in mid-2021 to only mention the first letter (K). The K is the common factor in the names that come to her from her private life and is nice and short.


Mary-Rose clicks MINDSET and FENG SHUI together very easily! Although they are two separate companies, they reunite under (the company name) Mary-Rose K.

The list of diplomas/certificates includes NLP master practitioner, Timeline Therapist, Train the Trainer, master consultant classical Feng Shui, and various directions as a stylist.

As she phased out her practice as a Crisis Coach, the time came for Feng Shui TIMING & Feng Shui stylist.

In practice;

As a sidekick and business mentor, she links the entrepreneur’s personal calculation to practice. After all, when she knows where the crux lies, she has to unravel and resolve it in accordance with the clients’ personal preferences.

What clients say about her;

centipede, to the point, decisive, surprising, clearing, unpredictable, penetrating to the core, in a very personal way, result-oriented, honest, “now”, confrontational, reliable, intensive, natural way of coaching, action, humor, insight, purposeful, perfection, busy, integrity, involved, understanding, independent

ander websites van Mary-Rose K

On this website;

her online memberships with associated landing pages are located.

There are several English versions of her most successful courses/memberships in development.

  • Christmas in harmonie with Feng Shui – releases soon together with the Dutch version – with the current Feng Shui December 2021 calculation in the basis, you will be advised which colors and Christmas attributes are best to use for the Chrismas Tree, the dinner table and the trick with the garland.
  • TIMING MASTERY (coming soon) – in which the participant interprets the directions from Feng Shui TIMING to a personal setting.

New memberships and courses will be announced via the memos;

On the other websites;

This website also serves as a portal for; KnowVision, Feng Shui by Mary-Rose, webshop

There you will find additional information and her offline activities. (Multi translator available)

Reactions, feedback, and reviews;


The combination of mindset and Feng Shui is very interesting.
I have been interested in Feng Shui for several years now….I can follow it up to a certain point…and for the rest…I have Mary Rose K…
She can often explain it in understandable language, the meaning of the 3 killings, the elements of the day, the chi of the day….
I have a subscription on the Do It yourself DIY Timing so that I know the chi , the flying stars and elements of every day, she gives tips and advice. The DIY is quite interesting ….it makes me understand why people can react in a certain way, why things do not go as I thought they would…..that it is not me…but the chi… I think that since my experience with the combination of Feng Shui and mindset, I kind of worry less….I take things less personal…
Feng Shui is not only for the rich…but for everyone…and add mindset to that….a golden combination!!!