Mary-Rose Kolkman:

People have dreams and age makes little difference. When it’s sublime, we go from goal (dream) to goal (dream) and enjoy the road we walk.

Life often happens on autopilot, where we are unconsciously operating out of habit.
Other people’s opinions and past experiences influence the belief in ourselves and thus also the realization of beautiful plans.

Life would be simple if we could throw all the stagnant effects in the trash at once, but it doesn’t work that way! We have something to do about it.

Two powerful combo styles

Mindset & Sidekick; KnowVision by Mary-Rose

We are what we think, we become what we believe and we realize what we think is possible! If we want to change our reality, we have to work on ourselves.

So adjusting the subconscious through the conscious: Mindset & Sidekick (multi translation available)

Who, what, where, when and why; Feng Shui by Mary-Rose

Time, colors, shapes, and aspects of furnishing influence us thus also our goals, plans, and relationships.

Through the classical Feng Shui (plus 5000 years old) I merge wish and execution in design and mindset.

As a Feng Shui master and stylist, I give visible and invisible stumbling blocks less chance. So adjusting the conscious via the subconscious: Authentic Feng Shui. (multi translation available)


When lifestyle and business need a little help!


Temporary actual

Halloween in August with Feng Shui.

Like everything in Feng Shui, it’s pretty special, but it pays to look at it through the glasses of a saga and how people (can) deal with it.

August as Ghost Month is an Eastern fact that is moving more and more westward.

What comes from afar…..

With that, we come into contact with a different way of experiencing things.

This is healthy for our brains because it triggers us to determine what we can go along with and what is far outside our comfort zone.

Actual until September 7th.

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Expected begin November

Christmas with a secret ingredient; Feng Shui

During Christmas, we want to have everything in harmony; the atmosphere, the conversations, the menu, the seating arrangement, the table decorations, the Christmas tree, and all the decorations that we get from the attic for a month.

A little help would be welcome!

Although Christmas, Christmas tree, and garland are western, it is the oriental skill Feng Shui that gives directions on how to deal with the various sectors in the house.

We have a DIY method that makes it a party in itself.

You can use it throughout the Chinese month of December and even spontaneous adjustments with attributes – with the tinkering youth – allow an update every time.

Every year a new advice tailored to the unique month-Chi with Flipbook, accompanying video, and extra tips until January 7th. Read more

And there is more to come!

Feng Shui Roadie