Mary-Rose Kolkman:

People have dreams and age makes little difference. When it’s sublime, we go from goal (dream) to goal (dream) and enjoy the road we walk.

Life often happens on autopilot, where we are unconsciously operating out of habit. Other people’s opinions and past experiences influence the belief in ourselves and thus also the realization of beautiful plans.

Life would be simple if we could throw all the stagnant effects in the trash at once, but it doesn’t work that way! We have something to do about it.

Two powerful combo styles

Mindset & Sidekick; KnowVision by Mary-Rose

We are what we think, we become what we believe and we realize what we think is possible! If we want to change our reality, we have to work on ourselves.

So adjusting the subconscious through the conscious: Mindset & Sidekick (multi translation available)

Who, what, where, when and why; Feng Shui by Mary-Rose

Time, colors, shapes, and aspects of furnishing influence us thus also our goals, plans, and relationships.

Through the classical Feng Shui (plus 5000 years old) I merge wish and execution in design and mindset.

As a Feng Shui master and stylist, I give visible and invisible stumbling blocks less chance. So adjusting the conscious via the subconscious: Authentic Feng Shui. (multi translation available)

When lifestyle and business needs a little help!


WORLD WIDE EVENT; June 2, 2024

Walking Together

Everyone can join!

Wherever you walk in the world – others walk with you.

You will never walk alone!

Use the event to reflect on your plans, make your plans, look back on your success, or socialize with others.

Free FLIP books

Here you will find the free FLIP books that are beyond the paid and time-dependent FLIP books.

It’s a mix of Feng Shui AND mindset – so everything you would expect from me.

All updates are added to the membership, including covered questions, responses and moreā€¦.!

This membership grows as time goes on.



Agenda Mary-Rose K

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March 2024:

May 6 at 2:00 PM in Every Time Zone – WALKING TOGETHER – info


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